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Professional Products The company has professional equipment and tools to produce and manage each standard product with strict performance standards.
Full range The company has been developing in the laser industry for many years and has extensive experience in the production of laser products and finished products.
Attentive service Our team will provide every customer with patient and thoughtful pre-sales preparation and sales After-sales service
We invite you to collaborate on: To become a dealer in your area: - We need your desire and ability to sell our product range - Professionals who can provide equipment start-up and repair on-site services are required - Need to have a warehouse to store optimal supply of consumables and spare parts - Transportation is required to deliver the goods to the customer. Company side: - Maintain required quantity of various commodities in warehouse - Ensure the availability of necessary technical documentation for the equipment - Ensure equipment is inspected before shipping to customer - Maintain the availability of spare parts and consumables required for the equipment sold in its warehouses - Publish a printed catalog on the range of equipment and consumables - Regularly inform partners of new products, ongoing promotions and sales. - Shipments from warehouses in St. Petersburg and Moscow. For dealer questions, please send a request to the dealer department: Email: mozhizhong9@gmail.com Whats App +8618565495339

Product displayLaser changes our lives!
Laser power supply
Hand held laser welding machine
laser welding gun
Hand held laser welding machine
Tabletop Laser Cutting Machine
indoor laser cutting machine
Tabletop Plasma Cutting Machine
Gantry plasma cutting machine
CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Wide range of applications — Laser changes our lives!
Sheet metal processing
Kitchen and bathroom equipment
Production of electrical cabinets
Machine production
Food equipment manufacturing
Production of advertising signs
Choose Fenlon Laser and choose the future! —— 15 years of industry experience makes cutting easier!
Services cover 28 industries
15 years of technological revolution
Sold to more than 30 countries.
We serve more than 3000+ clients
Product benefits
Commitment to independent research and development creates greater value for customers!
The company has been designing, developing and manufacturing laser equipment for 15 years. More mature technology and experience as well as more stable products have helped us win a large number of loyal customers in the global market.
Medium and low power machines can cut thin materials accurately and quickly, while ultra high power machines can cut thick materials stably and reliably. The machine maintains excellent performance after many years of use.
A full range of professional service systems, including online remote assistance and offline factory services.
Any questions can be sent to overseas customers within 2-4 hours.
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Make laser applications more efficient
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Address/address:No. 9, Huashan Street, Shilou Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

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